Real innovations in hair salons are rare and often only made for customers. Most of the innovations for hairdresser, have only small added values.  What is missing is a new innovation, that is not only useful, but supports the hairdresser during his daily working skills.

In hair salons and on hairdresser shows,

you need booth hands for the finsih.

So where to put the hair dryer? Beetwen the legs ? On the Boy ?

What is the ultimate solution ?


Easy. Helpful. Sexy.

The holsta is a patented solution for an faster workflow.

From now on, the HOLSTA will be your perfect companion.

Our HOLSTA collection stands out not only by the outer appearance,

but is concepted for the everyday hairdresser workflow.

 From simple or elegant, to more unusual variations - you can choose from the HOLSTA collection of leather in different colors and with different materials.

Show the world how you want to express yourself with your individual Holsta.

Once used, you will not be able to live without it.